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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Ravinder Tulsiani

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Employee Management Model

Over seven years ago, I created this management model and have been using it ever since. The model ensures that employers attract and retain peak performers.
The employee management model is called - the EDGE. EDGE is an acronym that stands for: Educate, Develop, Guide, Empower.
First, you need to EDUCATE your employees to give them the knowledge, skills and abilities to do their job well. It not only ensures employee productivity but also creates a reputation that you, as an employer, is willing to invest in your people – this, in turn, will help to attract better quality talent to your organisation and help retain your current talent.
It’s not just about their current job, as a manager, you need to DEVELOP them and have a vested interested in their long-term growth within the company; expand your focus from simply getting excellent performance out of them in their current role to providing them with opportunities to grow; this makes it more attractive for talented team members to stay on board and helps you build a robust leadership pipeline. Without this step, employees will likely receive promotions as a reward for being competent in their current jobs and will then become incompetent to do their new job (Peter Principle).
The third component is to GUIDE; that’s about the hands-on coaching and mentorship. Make an effort to have regular conversations, don’t wait for scheduled annual reviews. Regular ongoing guidance will serve to mark their development progress and encourage them to develop and pursue meaningful learning goals. The key here is to coach and mentor them on a regular basis, provide them with timely feedback so that they have an opportunity to optimise and correct their development path.
Then, you need to EMPOWER your people; they have the KSA’s, now don’t micro-manage them, empower them to make the decisions. While it’s important to hold them accountable for the outcome, the key here is to clarify what needs to be done, give them ownership of the task, foster open communication, and support their independence by allowing for small failures; this demonstrates that you value and trust their judgement.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Google Adsense: Why Do I Need Google Adsense?

Google Adsense: Why Do I Need Google Adsense?
Because it’s there, it’s fun and it’s free.  If you’re reading this, you obviously have some interest in the internet.  You don’t even have to have your own site, although the more sites you use Google Adsense on, the more money you will make.  For example,  anyone can write a blog even if it’s just your own opinion on something. 
You can also make money referring other people to Google Adsense.  By placing a referral button on your site you increase your earnings potential.  When a publisher that you referred makes their initial $100.00  within 90 days of sign-up and is eligible for payout, your account will also be credited $100.00. Additionally, they must never have registered for a Google Adsense account before.
Don’t be intimidated by the html code.  It’s already formatted.  All you have to do is choose the language and kind of button you would like, and copy and paste the html code to your site.  Look for the referral code and more information under Adsense support.
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Google Adsense: Where to Place Ads on Your Web Pages and a Profile of

Google Adsense: Where to Place Ads on Your Web Pages and a Profile of
Deciding Where to Place Your Google Ads on Your Web Pages so That They Will Be Most Profitable
This is one of the best parts of the whole Google Adsense experience. No one else gets to make this decision except you.  It’s your page.  You get to decide how many ( up to 3 ads per page), what colors and shapes you will use and on what part of the page the ad will be placed.  Should you place your ads at the top or bottom?  In the middle of the text?  To the left or right?
The most important decision should be based on the needs of the visitors to your site?  What are they looking for? Are they there to read or merely to browse.  If they are there to read an entire article, say, you might try placing your ads at the bottom of the page so they will have something to do next.  Some publishers swear by placing the ads at the top left of the page because they think customers look there first.
The fun thing is experimenting with all the possibilities.  Try different ad locations and different colors for a week and note the differences in your reports.  When you hit on something successful, you’ll see the difference.
Profile of For Those Who May Want To Use it For Google Ads
Blogger Party is another blog hosting website where you can make money with Google Adsense.  You create an account and use the publisher id you got when you created your Google Adsense account.  If you have not done that yet, that is the first step to making money with your blogs.
At,  targeted Google Adsense ads will be displayed on your blog pages.  Fifty percent of that time, the ads will have your Google Adsense publishers ID and the other fifty percent of the time they will have Blogger Party’s Adsense ID or split between them and the person who referred you.  That’s right, referrals get 25% of the ad time, which comes out of Blogger Party’s share and not the original blogger’s or the referral’s.
Blogger Party promises “party points” any time you write something or comment on someone else’s blog.  They don’t do anything as yet, but later you will be able to trade them in for prizes according to Blogger Party’s admin.
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Google Adsense: When Do I Get Paid Using Google Adsense?

Google Adsense: When Do I Get Paid Using Google Adsense?
Google Adsense pays you approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which you become eligible to receive payment. You become eligible for payment only when your Adsense account reaches at least $100.00.  Suppose, for example, you started in January and at the end of the month you had not yet accumulated $100.00 in your Google Adsense account.  You would then need to wait and see if your January and February earnings combined equal $100.00.  If they do, you would be paid approximately 30 days after the end of the month of February, that is, you could expect payment near the end of March.
Another good reason to also use Adsense for Search is that you get to combine the earnings to reach the $100.00 payout minimum.  So if your earnings for Adsense for Content do not reach $100.00 in time for the current payout, but when combined with your Adsense for Search earnings they do meet the payout minimum, you will be paid accordingly.
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Google Adsense: What Other Forms of Payment Does Google Adsense Offer?

Google Adsense: What Other Forms of Payment Does Google Adsense Offer?
You can elect to have your Google Adsense payments mailed to you via check in your local currency.  Google Adsense offers this option in 42 countries.  Check the Google Adsense support center to see if your country is included in this list.
To select receiving your check by postal mail, log in to your Google Adsense account, click the edit link near Payment Details and then click the Check – Standard Delivery radio button.  Then click continue.  Now you can select your currency, if available or you may select US dollars.  When you’re satisfied with your choices, click save settings.
You may also choose to receive your payment through Secured Express Delivery. There is a fee for this service but you can expect to receive your check within 5-10 business days after it has been sent.  If you choose this option, you will need to contact DHL (the courier service) to make sure they offer service to your area and that your address is in the proper format.  For more information, log on to

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Google Adsense: What is Google Adsense for Search

Google Adsense: What is Google Adsense for Search
Google Adsense for Search is different than Adsense for Content but it is just as important to your earning power with the Google Adsense program.
Just like Adsense for Content places targeted ads on your content pages, Adsense for Search places targeted ads on the results page of the search set in motion on your page.
You can use the standard Google search box on your site and the user can then search the web or even your site. When you feel more comfortable, you can change the look of the Google search box, essentially customizing it by changing the colors and using your logo.
The best thing about Google Adsense for Search is that you can track what your visitors are searching for.  That is, if the search has two or more hits.  Unique queries will not be tracked.  But you can see the top 25 searches performed from your website by clicking on the Advance Report from the Reports tab and specifying a date range.
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